Peak Marquee Tents

Peak Marquee Tents are available in 10X10ft, 10X20ft, 15X15ft, 20X20ft, 20X30ft, 20X40ft, 30X30ft, HEX17ft and HEX34ft with a standard side height of 8ft. The frameworks of Peak Marquee tent use the diameter of 63.5mm pipe aluminum alloy and it can resist the wind speed of 80km/h. The fabric used consists of opaque 550g/sqm PVC and the roof cover is fixed on four upright supports.

Peak Marquee Tent can be used not only for a single unit but also can be combined to enlarge space for rain gutter. Peak Marquee is more easier to assemble and dismantle than the European Pagoda tent, as well as easier to store. Peak Marquee tent is different from the traditonal European tent because of its simple interior structure. Peak Marquee tent is also more safe and strong compared to the folding tent. It will take about 10 minutes for two people to assemble the tent. They can make your outdoor event become more visually pleasing!